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Privacy, Disclaimer, Disclosure, TOS, and other Info 


Privacy Statement

Information you provide is never sold or made available to a third party for mailing list purposes. Obviously, we have to provide information to search engines, message boards, and other locations to promote your site. In the case of popular link pages or other submission sites known to generate unwanted mail, we will use a secondary email address (we will provide). Credit card information is transmitted via a secure server (PayPal) - we never see your account number. 

Disclaimer - Disclosure - TOS

Craft Site Medic and our subsidiaries are not responsible, nor liable for any purchases made through any of our advertisers or clients. All transactions are solely between the purchaser and the owner of the website you are purchasing from. We make no guarantees to the buyer, and will have absolutely no part in any disagreement resolutions. 

We cannot make shoppers visit your site nor purchase your products. We do advertise your business  so many shoppers looking for your goods and services will see your link. Our goal is to greatly improve your internet visibility to put you in a position to be successful.

We cannot make a search engine index your site nor can we guaranty a particular keyword position. There are many variables affecting keyword position, and many of those are beyond our control. however, we have a very good track record of helping our clients achieve excellent results.

Do not expect your site traffic to skyrocket overnight. Search engines, directories and indexes take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to index your site. It generally takes at least one month for submissions to really take effect. Changes in link popularity and Google PageRank take much longer to update. These time frames are controlled by the search engines, not Craft site Medic.  

Your web site traffic will fluctuate.  It commonly peaks in the fall and early winter as you approach the holidays, and wanes in late spring through the summer months. The state of the economy will also impact your web site sales.

Promotional services are not transferable from site to site, nor can you change web addresses (URL's) during a promotion. We spend a huge amount of time establishing links and making submissions for one web address (URL). If you decide to close the original site but start another, everything we have done and all the time we have invested is negated. To switch to a different URL means we have to start over from scratch.

Refunds/Cancellations: The services we provide are personalized for your website. Our custom work on your behalf is extremely time-intensive, and we invest MANY hours working on your promotion. Obviously, we cannot recover time. Therefore, orders may only be canceled within the first five days of original receipt.  Thereafter, refunds are not available, neither in full nor in part. As mentioned above, services are not transferable to different domains.