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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee all search engines will list my site? Can you guarantee me a top  position?

While we submit your site to a number of top search engines, we cannot make them index your page. Many will personally visit your web page and will make a subjective decision concerning inclusion. Normally, about 95% of our submissions are successful. Google currently looks at over 200 different variables when setting keyword position. some of these we can influence, many are out side of our control ... such as the age of the website, the domain name, amount of competition, etc.

We will not employ dubious means to "trick" search engines such as hidden text, key word spam, doorway pages, etc. These represent tremendous ways to have your site banned completely from important indexes. 

There are firms who will guarantee a top 10 position. They generally charge $300-$500 per term per search engine. 

You may also "buy" your keyword position. Yahoo, Google, and others allow you to bid on select terms. The cost varies depending upon demand, but most charge between $.50 to $3.00 per term each time your site is displayed. Participants  could (and do) spend hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly on these programs. 

Do you use email or spam to promote my web site?

NO! We detest spam. We send no unsolicited emails to anyone, nor do we provide your email address to anyone other than target submission sites which may require it for registration. We suggest you check your web pages to make sure your email is NOT visible and clickable as this absolutely will become spam bait.

I use a shared ISP (Etsy, Ebay, Cafe Press, etc). Can you still promote my site?

Yes we can - however - some search engines do not like shared addresses and may not readily index them. Because of our extensive experience, we are often successful in getting your site indexed when other submission services fail. We now offer a special marketing package just for Etsy sites. 

What are the requirements for banner and button graphics?

Please refer to our graphics page for specs. 


Please contact us should you have additional questions.

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