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Thank you for inquiring about Craft Site Medic website promotion services. We are the web's premiere advertising and marketing service specializing in the craft, gift, prim, and home decor markets. We provide personal attention to your online business promotion,  and truly are dedicated to increasing your visitor traffic, sales, and profits.  Now celebrating our twelfth anniversary serving the online community. 

Craft Site Medic was started in 1998 by Bob and Rhonda Johnson.

Bob is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.S. degree in Marketing and a minor in Computer Science.  For over twenty years he worked in computer support and marketing management for a national electronics firm. 

Rhonda was the "gifted" one. She had a natural creative ability, and excelled at decorative painting & needlecrafts, and quickly mastered any craft she tried.

Starting with a simple website to advertise Rhonda's crafts, the online business grew to include a virtual craft mall to promote other web sites. This led to specializing in the advertising and promotion of craft, gift, and home decor web sites. 

In 2001, Rhonda was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a long and difficult but courageous fight, Rhonda went hone to be with the Lord on September 2, 2003.  She was  instrumental in getting the Craft Site Medic business off the ground, and is greatly missed. 

The CSM business has grown over the years, and now operates multiple advertising sites and promotional services. We still specialize in the arts, craft, gift, primitive, and home decor markets, and have become the premiere promotional service provider for this niche market with thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

Favorite Quote:   "Find something that you like to do so much that you'd gladly do it for nothing, and then learn to do it so well that people are happy to pay you for it" .... John Maxwell, "The Secret of Job Fulfillment".


Customer Comments

"Great idea, Bob! I would recommend your services in a heart beat! Thank you so much for the great job you have done with my website! I could not have asked for more! You rock! Merry Christmas:) "  - Treasures of the Jersey Shore

"The sites look good--thanks for the advice about my ads. My ads do stick out, different from the others, I hope it works to my advantage. I really think this will work great for us. You have a great service and will definitely refer you to my friends if this gives us a boost."  - Scented Candles by Wick-edly Sent.

"Many thanks for your support. I really appreciate your help in promoting my site and notice a definite increase in traffic already. I also use the tools indicated in your emails to follow the increase in link exchange etc."  - Omiscards - Ecards from the Heart.

"I am so happy with the job you are doing for me.  So many people are finding my site! Laura"  - Adeline's Crafts.

"Thanks so much for your help Bob.  You are the best.  I am currently on page 1 or 2 of  a lot of the search engines under raggedies. Thanks again!"  - My Darlin Dolls.

"All of these sites are sending me tons of hits. Thanks for everything - Craft Site Medic is the best advertising money I have ever spent!  You can quote me on that."  - CraftBuddy Inc.

"I wanted to thank you for all the referral links I've gotten.  The rotating banner has given me about 1500 referrals!  My customer base is growing ....   I am very happy with what you did for me."  - ThePaintedBottle.

"Thanks so very much for all the work you've done! The number of visits has increased significantly! We have had several sales already from people we don't even know, which is wonderful for us since we figured it would be friends and family only for a while."  - Black Crow Two.

"Good morning, We are #1 on Yahoo search for yoyo fabric designs!!!!!!! I know this is all because of you. Great job many thanks! ... You are a great company I will tell everyone. "  - Lasting Treasure Inc.

"Thank you!!!!  You are the only promotion that I use and I seem to  stay on the first page of Google and several other search engines for several of  my key words.  Thanks for the great job you do."  - Angel Designs by Denise

"A little over a year ago I signed up with Craft Site Medic and I've got to tell you, the results have been incredible.  I haven't actually tracked the hits on the site (I'm sure those numbers would be impressive), it is the amazing number of phone and e-mail inquires and orders that I have received that has impressed me.  I have had a great number of "special orders" as a result of people finding my site, some of the larger orders have been $400 to $500 signs.  So I would like to say thank you for a job well done."  - Rocky Knob Woodcrafts

"Thanks again for whatever it is you do for all of us crafters! My traffic is wonderful, and sales are very good, especially considering that I have only been open a short time, as well as knowing from years of crafting, that I opened in the midst of slow time. Busy season is coming fast, and I hope I can keep up with the demand! I may have to hire someone to help!! I appreciate your knowledge and expertise! Thanks again!"  - Rustic Haven

"We are very impressed with our exposure since joining Craft Site Medic.  We have seen a significant increase in our sales too!!!"  - Elderberry Junction

"Thank You so much for your great keywords and description. I am coming up on MSN search for keywords such at "craft country" on pg. 3 out of 4,780,468; "Christmas country crafts" pg. 4 of 1,024,432; and some keywords I am on page 1 #1 on the page. Google and Yahoo I am still way back on the pages but that's OK - at least I am within page 1 thru 5 on MSN. I figure in time I may come up sooner on Google and Yahoo. I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your help. Your Great!"  - My Country Cottage

"I can't thank you enough for your advice!!! I was able to locate the *new* host from the email listing on the "who-is" site. ( All other emails were being returned to me.....)Thank you very much from a computer rookie!!! My site is up and running once again. I was able to renew my domain. All thanks to you!!!"  - A Ceramic Keepsake

"Thanks for everything. My website hits have already tripled and the month is not up yet. And business off my website has been great. Coincidence? Or your hard work? I'd like to think your hard work! - " -Heartspun Treasure Primitives

"Just getting back to you - thank you for all of the work you did on my website... I have to say that I've seen TREMENDOUS amounts of traffic and have already doubled my money back in sales - in just a month.  Wow, I've been telling all the Prim Mart gals to get over here ASAP." - Homespun From The Heart

"I want to thank you so much for the work you are doing for us!  I feel like I have a wonderful "Confidant" helping me and I am so appreciative!  I am going on sites and all of a sudden I see our banner!  Wow!  You are on top of things! You're the best !! " - Shoot-Ma-Koot

"Bob, perhaps it is I who should be thanking you. I used a cheapie submission service a while back and saw no visible increase in traffic. Your services, including the free ones, have brought me a nice increase in TARGETED traffic. May was my best month in the year since I started the site ... So thank you" - Art of Image Editing

"I can't believe it. I checked out my site is ranked #1 in 11 of the top search engines for toddler benches. And I am ranked fairly good with personalized crafts too. Wow---WOW. Thank you so much. I know it is what people like me pay you to do. But I am really glad that there are individuals like you who are great at what you do. Thanks again." -Shell's Craft Corner

"I also wanted to take a second to thank you for promoting my site up to this point, I am starting to show up all over the search engines, which is great!! I almost fell off my chair when I went to Yahoo and typed in Country Woodcrafts and I was on the first page!! We just wanted to say Thanks for all your efforts ..." -Country from the Heart

"Craft Site Medic has really helped me a lot. I highly recommend his service. I wasn't even showing up on most of the search engines until Bob worked his Magic. I will definitely keep him as my website promoter. I took the Full Service for a year and Bob has given me 110%." -Nature's Medley Potpourri

"You've done a fantastic job with my website in the past year!!! I really appreciate all your hard work ... My traffic increased so much on my site that I had to get a domain name ... of the 16 search engines I've been keeping track of, I'm listed in the egg art #1 4 times, #2 4 times, #3 once, #4 2 times, #5 once, #8 once, #10 twice and #11 once. Not bad, I think, when just a year ago I wasn't listed anywhere!!! The Google search (I think it was) had 600 or so sites in egg art, and I was #1!! You can't imagine how that made me feel!!! " - Annimaes Decorated Emu Egg Collectibles

"You really are doing a great job I am VERY pleased not only with what you've done but also you're responses are quick, informative and cordial!! Thank you for being who you are! .... Well, a huge & great big THANK YOU for all you've done so far. It's funny, I couldn't find a single person in my neighborhood to do what you're doing; and those who thought about it were charging a half a year's salary! Thank you thank you! ... You ARE good...thank you very much" - Celestial Creations

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