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 Website Promotion Graphics

Craft Site Medic offers a number of promotional services which utilize standard size graphics to highlight your website link. These may include Banners and Avatar Buttons

On this page we have provided sample graphics for you to view. We also have provided information on how to obtain the graphics. We hope you will benefit from the information we present.

Graphics used by Craft Site Medic in our website advertising & promotional packages must meet certain physical size and file size requirements as explained below. We also can only use graphics created in a "jpg" or "gif" file format - the internet standards. 

If you need to have custom graphics created for your website, check out the list of designers shown further down this page.

Please note - you need NOT have your graphics available before ordering any of our promotional services. Most clients provide them once we actually start working on their advertising. If you have questions, we are happy to help.


Banner Graphics

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Banners are the most recognized graphic type. You see these all over the internet, and most conform to a universal size standard: 468 x 60 pixels. There are 100 pixels to the inch, so a banner graphic is  approximately 4 1/2 inches by 1/2 inch. 

There also is a file size associated with graphics which is measured in bytes. We require all banners to be 30,000 bytes (30k) or less. Why a size limit? Large files take longer to download. Most sites display multiple graphics, and if they are all large in file size, it will take forever for the page to display on your web browser. This "load time" issue is most troublesome for surfers with slow internet access such as dialup modems. Internet users will not wait a long time for a page to appear on their screen, and many will simply go elsewhere. Google reportedly will soon begin factoring in page load time when calculating search engine keyword position. Slow pages will rank lower. Thus the reason for file size limitations. Some banners are animated - they display multiple "frames". Although they are often quite "attention grabbing", they also can lead to large file sizes since your essentially are displaying multiple banners.

8th & Amity Crafts and Gifts - CSM website promotion E2-11-16

Sample animated banner graphic.


Sample Button Graphics

DIY molds to save 90% off retail. -E-11-30-16 COMP Graphics Shoppe - CSM Deluxe ad pkg  Primitive House Designs - Web Design for the Primitive at Heart  ann1 - 1-31-16

Avatar buttons are the latest and greatest advertising image. They are quickly approaching the popularity of regular banners, Avatar button are square graphics normally measuring 125 x 125 pixels. Some avatars are 150 x 150 pixels, but Craft Site Medic programs only use the smaller 125 x 125  version. The 25 pixel difference makes for a whopping 44% increase in file size, thus most sites now use the 125 x 125 version. We also require buttons to be 20,000 bytes (20k) or less in file size. Buttons may be animated, but you need to keep an eye on the file size.

Suggestion: Button graphics should attract attention AND tell something about your product line. Buttons which include a photo or graphic of your product along with your site title work VERY WELL.    Of the four buttons displayed above, which ones grab your attention AND tell you something about the site?

Need space?  If your web site host will not allow you to save images and graphics to their server there are free and paid image hosting services online. One of the most popular is Photobucket,  an easy to use and FREE service. Many of the graphics shown on this page are stored on PhotoBucket.


Need a button or banner?

Question: Where can I get graphics?

The least expensive method is to do it yourself.  Basic graphic programs such as Window's Paint can do a good job for simple graphics. 

More advanced graphic programs will allow layering, animation, and other neat tricks.  

If you had someone design your website or you used a graphics set, check with the designer to see if they can make custom graphics. 

For standard banners (468 x 60), there is a nice free banner making tool located at Addesigner. However, once you make a banner, it must be saved to your own server. Addesigner will delete the image from their files after a short time - they will not host the image for you.

Graphic designers can create nice looking images quickly, and prices are almost always very reasonable.

To the right is a list of designers we are familiar with. If you have them create an image for you, please make absolutely certain they understand the size parameters involved. There is no need to pay someone to make a custom graphic that is five times our size limit and cannot be used.

Professional Graphic Designers

Primitive Mercantile Graphics - a cozy primitive mercantile filled with primitive, shabby and whimsical websets and graphics!

Craftisan Graphics

KN Web Graphics (125 X 125 buttons - only $5)

20 Dollar Banners

Moon & Stars Web Design

Shabby Chic Graphics Boutique

Gone Country Graphics

In A Pickle Web Design 

Prim Graphics 


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